LendConnect – Aug 2022 Edition – Debt Consolidation Month

LendConnect – Aug 2022 Edition – Debt Consolidation Month

August is Debt Consolidation Month

How can you & your clients take advantage?

1 Monthly Repayment – Fixed Loan Term

With credit card interest rates over 20% p.a. and so many households relying on the credit card to make ends meet – we have a solution. We can help by consolidating them into one simple loan with one easy monthly payment, fixed loan term (3 ~ 7 years) and a fixed interest rate than that of credit cards.

This can set them up for their finances, and put some earnings back into savings for that summer holiday.

This is how we can help!

As one of referral partners – that means you, we have secured some great rates for you to pass onto your clients, while you can continue to enjoy our referral program, getting you paid within 24 hours post settlement of your clients loan.

The team at LendConnect can assist you and your clients with their scenarios.

Send us your scenarios today!

Types of Consolidation

Credit Card Balances

Outstanding Tax Bill

Vehicle Loan

Household Bills

Home Repairs & Maintenance

Cash Out

So far the new financial year has brought new opportunities for you as our partner.

With everyone watching the news in the financial markets, with increasing interest rates, every one is looking for ways to save money and reduce outgoings, this is why August is Debt Consolidation month.

We too are seeing the rising cost of living making significant impacts on the way many families are all living, with everyone looking to get some savings behind them while providing for their family.

What a great way to unlock this opportunity by getting your clients back on track or just get that little bit ahead. Consolidation loans are quick & easy – you can have up to 6 different types of bills, debts & other loans all rolled into one.

Our CREDIT REPAIR solution / offering continues to help families, whereby the end solution could be a fit for purpose loan – like a Debt Consolidation Personal Loan.
(Be certain to ask our staff how we can help your clients).

The lenders in our portfolio of partners, continues to grow and strengthen, which gives you and your clients best of breed solutions, which we know can continue to provide loans that suit every need.

As an important referral partner – you will be able continue to take advantage of our growing business and the opportunities in your market with our new partnerships and programs for the coming year ahead.

The team at LendConnect are here to help – Send us your scenarios.

If you would like to run a scenario past our team just reach out, give us a call or email:
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Remember our directors  plus the LendConnect team are always free to talk.

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