LendConnect Scenario – August 2022 – Debt Consolidation Month

LendConnect Scenario – August 2022 – Debt Consolidation Month

Debt Consolidation

Credit Card Debt – Biggest Form of Family Debt in Australia* [ excluding property mortgages ]

In the last 3 months our referrers have introduced over 30% of our personal loans with Debt Consolidation in mind – so we created a focus for the month of August.


We are happy to present a recent client.

Total Loan Amount $55,200.

Our focus for August continues to be: Debt Consolidation

We continue to have great rates for our broker’s & referrer’s clients’ that are looking to get their clients a best rate for consolidating debts bundled into one simple single monthly repayment fixed term loan.
Check out the scenario below, to see how we are helping families.


Referred to us by another accountant who works closely with a legal practitioner who sent us their clients’ details below.

Mary & John from Frankston, VIC were a little overwhelmed by some of their outstanding debts across a few products.

Mary has two credit cards and one high interest store card as well as an outstanding ZIP PAY, and John has an existing bank personal loan – combined total of $50K plus.

The dilemma for the family it was over 5 different facilities – the payment due date/days of the month for each were different, and with how Mary & John are paid differs – one is fortnightly, the other is monthly.

How we helped them:

– Consolidated all the debts
– 2 x credit cards
– 1 x personal loan
– 1 x store card
– 1x ZipPay

Into one joint personal loan with a single fixed monthly repayment at a lower interest rate than the credit / store cards & existing personal loan at a fixed 5 year (60 month) loan term. This also freed up cash flow to focus on more important things in life with their family.

His accountant sent over his name & number and our team quickly assisted.

We were able to get them a total combined loan of $55,200* (includes some small set up fees).

What we needed from them was the following:

– Driver Licence front and back for both applicants

– Last 2 Pay Slips for both applicants

– Rates Notice

– Personal Loan Payout Letter & Credit Card Statements

– Bank Statements

– Current Assets and Liabilities

We provide upfront quotes and the customers were happy to proceed with the loan offer. The transaction took a little bit longer than a week from start to finish and we were able to continue our success by paying the referrer within 24 hours of settlement.  

You can see easily how you can help your clients with a simple referral to LendConnect so send us your scenarios OR send your clients’ details and we’ll do the rest!

Referral Fee paid in 24 hours.

We are finding that our 24 hours post settlement referral payment is the number one reason why brokers & other referrers choose LendConnect.

We continue to be different

As an award winning diversification business, our focus is helping your clients transact these loans, so you can focus on the bigger home loan business that you and your team are best known for. If you think we can make a difference, reach out to us below.

What makes us different from the rest: –
We are hands on with our clients and our partner’s clients and
At any time you can connect with LendConnect and it’s directors via email or phone.

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