How It Works

Deciding for a loan

We understand applying for a loan can be quite daunting and you may not know where to start. With over 20 years of combined experience in processing loans, this is where the LendConnect Team will help with you in obtaining a loan. With clear and transparent communication, you are kept in the loop throughout your loan journey.

We are committed to a high degree of service.

Step 1

Apply for a loan

Leave your details here to start the process in applying for a loan. These details will give us a good understanding of what you are after and provide us with the contact details to be in touch. Let us know when you want a call and one of our friendly LendConnect Team will be in touch to start the process with you within one business day.

Step 2

Complete Application

When we make contact with you via a phone call, we will complete an application with you. This is your opportunity to tell us about your circumstances which will enable us to see how we can best help you with your loan needs. We will then request some supporting documents like ID, Income details and statements.

Step 3

Discuss Loan Options / Obligation Free Quote

Once documents are received, we will complete some internal checks. Note – these checks do not affect your credit rating. This allows us to check eligibility prior to you applying for a loan with the lender of choice. We will then go through and discuss loan options and it’s completely obligation free..

Step 4

Loan Decision

When you are happy with what we have provided to you as a quote, we will assist by submitting your application to the lender of choice and obtain a decision for you. If your loan is approved, we will guide you through the process to accept with the funds being made available shortly afterwards.

Here is a link snapshot to the reviews LendConnect has received from clients that have utilized our services.