LendConnect Scenario – July 2022 – Continued Asset Write Off

LendConnect Scenario – July 2022 – Continued Asset Write Off

New Financial Year Scenarios

Tax Write Off* is still available

In the last 2 months our referrers have brought more than 50 vehicles and asset style loans to us, than any other type of other finance.


Work Vehicle & Business / Recreational Asset


Our focus for July continues to be: Asset Write Off

We continue to have great rates for our broker’s clients that are after vehicle and other asset finance. Check with your clients and their accountants on what is deemed “Asset Write Off” – our scenario below is very interesting.


Referred to us by an accountant who works closely with a mortgage brokers who sent us their clients’ details below.

Colin a rural & farm business consultant from Mount Isa, QLD was looking for a new work vehicle to get from client to client with no troubles, he placed an order for a  new Ford Ranger, with all the added extras.

The dilemma for Colin, is that he travels hundreds of kilometers from client to client, and needs to stay on-site or near site to be up early and work the land (literally), this was originally staying in a tent and then sometimes in the local pub or hotel/motel.

Once the above information was known, our team were able to determine (with his accountant) that a caravan under these circumstances, is actually a business expense, and can be financed as such.

We were able to do two separate asset loans, one for the Ford Ranger and one for the Off-Road Caravan.

His accountant sent over his name & number and our team quickly assisted.

We were able to get him a total combined asset loans of $154,480* (full purchase of the vehicle $85,490 & caravan for $68,990, *not including on-roads and govt. charges.)

What we needed from them was the following:

– Driver Licence front and back

– Last 2 payslips

– Rates Notice

– Bank Statements

– Current Assets and Liabilities

We provide upfront quotes and the customers were happy to proceed with the loan offer. The transaction took a little bit longer than a week from start to finish and we were able to continue our success by paying the referrer within 24 hours of settlement.  

You can see easily how you can help your clients with a simple referral to LendConnect so send us your scenarios OR send your clients’ details and we’ll do the rest!

Referral Fee paid in 24 hours.

We are finding that our 24 hours post settlement referral payment is the number one reason why brokers & other referrers choose LendConnect.

We continue to be different

As an award winning diversification business, our focus is helping your clients transact these loans, so you can focus on the bigger home loan business that you and your team are best known for. If you think we can make a difference, reach out to us below.

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