With all these scenarios, one thing is always on the tip of everyone’s tongue – how much do I make?

We assist more brokers & professionals with their clients personal loan, asset and vehicle loans than most diversified businesses.

Our spot and refer model has many professionals like yourself, getting us to take care of their clients and gaining the rewards.

So how much can you earn on a settled loan from a simple scenario?
(see our scenario below)

Referral Fee paid in 24 hours
We are finding that our 24 hours post settlement referral payment is the number one reason why brokers & other referrers choose LendConnect.

Scenario Referral
Referred from another one of our mortgage brokers who sent us their clients’ details below.

Robert and Claire from Roma, QLD were looking to consolidate 2 x credit cards, a Car Loan residual and a current Personal Loan.
Their broker sent over their details and our team quickly assisted.

We were able to get them a total loan of


to payout their debts. Here’s how we were able to help them…

An email from the referrer to the LendConnect Team with their client’s details to get the process started.

What we needed from them was the following:

– Bank Account Statements
– Most recent credit card statements
– Payout letters for both Personal loan and Car Loan
– Payslips (for both)
– Understand their expenses
– ID Documents
– Living situation

We provide upfront quotes and the customer was happy to proceed with the loan offer. The full transaction took less than two days from start to finish and we were able to continue our success by paying the referrer within 24 hours of settlement. With one easy fixed repayment and a lower interest rate, Robert and Claire are now able to have one easy payment & get back on top of their finances. While assisting the clients, we were able to offer our broker a referral fee of $995.

You can see easily how much you can make as a referrer with LendConnect so send us your scenarios OR send your clients’ details and we’ll do the rest!

We continue to be different
As an award winning diversification business, our focus is helping your clients transact these loans, so you can focus on the bigger home loan business that you and your team are best known for. If you think we can make a difference, reach out to us below.

What makes us different from the rest: –
We are hands on with our clients and our partner’s clients and
At any time you can connect with LendConnect and it’s directors via email or phone.

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