LendConnect Scenario – January 2022 (New Years Resolutions)

LendConnect Scenario – January 2022 (New Years Resolutions)

New Years Resolutions

Helping Clients with Debt Consolidation

We assisted more brokers with their clients in the last 12 months with finding the fit for purpose loans.

January is the month for clients to think about: Consolidation Loans

We have some great rates for our broker’s clients that are seeking debt consolidation loans for their clients to put them into a better financial position.


Referred from one of our mortgage brokers who sent us their clients’ details below.

Joan & Thomas from Frankston , VIC was looking for a loan to consolidate 2 x credit cards (that had maxed), car loan (for the family car) and store-credit card (for Christmas purchases the previous year).

Their broker sent over his name & number and our team quickly assisted.

We were able to get him a total loan of $58,985.

What we needed from them was the following:

– Driver Licence front and back

– Last 2 payslips

– Bank Statements and Credit Card Statements
– Payout Letter for Car Loan

– Current Assets and Liabilities

We provide upfront quotes and the customers were happy to proceed with the loan offer. The transaction took less than week from start to finish and we were able to continue our success by paying the referrer within 24 hours of settlement.  

You can see easily how you can help your clients with a simple referral to LendConnect so send us your scenarios OR send your clients’ details and we’ll do the rest!

Referral Fee paid in 24 hours

We are finding that our 24 hours post settlement referral payment is the number one reason why brokers & other referrers choose LendConnect.

We continue to be different

As an award winning diversification business, our focus is helping your clients transact these loans, so you can focus on the bigger home loan business that you and your team are best known for. If you think we can make a difference, reach out to us below.

What makes us different from the rest: –
We are hands on with our clients and our partner’s clients and
At any time you can connect with LendConnect and it’s directors via email or phone.

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